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Q: Are RHD vehicles difficult to drive?

A:  No, it is as easy to drive a RHD as a Left Hand Drive vehicle.  My dear old mother drives them all the time and loves them. If you don’t believe me, I will send you her phone number. Plus, RHDs always attract lots of attention and are just plain cool.

Q:  Are the foot pedals the same on a RHD as on a LHD?

A:  Yes, the pedals are in the same configuration as a Lefty.  You are merely sitting 2 feet over to the Right to drive. This also allows for advantages in parallel parking.

Q:  What about passing another car on the highway? How do you see around the vehicle in front of you?

A:  It is not difficult to see around the vehicle in front of you.  You can always lean a little over to the left.  Plus, you probably won’t be passing too many other vehicles in a Land Cruiser or Land Rover. HA!

Q:  How fast do Land Cruisers and Land Rovers go?

A:  I assume people ask this because they want to know about highway speed….not about racing capabilities. For Land Cruisers, 70mph is a good cruising speed.  Land Rovers don’t really cruise, but they can usually go about 65mph.

Q:  What type of gas mileage do Land Cruisers get?

A:  Gasoline Engine Cruisers get app. 10-15 mpg.  Diesel versions get  25-30 mpg.

Q:  If I buy one of your vehicles that has not yet arrived into the US, how do I import it?  How much will it cost me?

A:  We handle all of that. You decide which machine you want. We import the vehicle for you. We pay all shipping fees, import fees, taxes, and duties.  We can even have the vehicle delivered to your driveway at cost.

Q:  After you have given me a price on the vehicle, what else am I responsible for paying?

A:  The only thing you are responsible for is paying the shipping from the US port to your driveway.  We can even make the arrangements with our shipping company for free.  You pay them directly, when the vehicle arrives.  You are also welcome to collect your vehicle at the port of arrival.

Q:  If the vehicle I want to purchase is in another country or on the way over, do I have to pay the entire amount before I receive the vehicle?

A: Yes, we require payment in full, as with any other product you might order.  We realize that it can be a big step for some of our clients.  We try to make the transaction as comfortable as possible.  We can provide many references from satisfied customers all over the country. We also keep you abreast of developments along the way: Booking Confirmations, ETAs, etc. Communication is key.

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